Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where the Somewhat Green Grass Grows

After a weekend spent with my mom doing a lot playing around, going to the beach and getting a little Gap shopping trip in, I've been trying to catch up on chores around the house and prepare for my friend to visit next weekend. Days like this, it's important to remember that Lawson is two and gets bored to death watching me do chores all day. So, we headed outside this afternoon to get a little fresh air. Okay, I got a little yard work in at the same time, but he was happy as can be! Actually, it seems that the activity of choice as of late is to ride on the footrest of the stroller as Naomi sleeps in her "rolling bed". I'm sure my neighbors think I'm nuts after watching me do laps around my front yard with my stroller, but I had two happy kids and wasn't about to end a good thing prematurely.

My three kids



and BOB

After a while, Lawson hopped down to explore a bit and ended up finding a patch of green grass in our dead yard where he picked a big bouquet of weeds and grass. He then presented it to his little sister and she presented him with a great, big grin.

Plotting Prince Charming

Presenting his Bouquet

Waiting for a Reaction

Pleased with Himself

Tickled with the Grass Bouquet... Literally

I'm impressed, Prince Charming. At the tender age of almost "TOE" (we'll work on that later), you've already figured out that a fresh handpicked bouquet is one hot commodity. You know why? Because it is the thought that counts. Most of the time.

I thought about jogging today. I thought about it a lot. But, I checked out my stomach a while ago and the mama belly is still there, so I'm pretty sure that thought didn't count. I'd actually have to strap myself into some running shoes and jog. Which would require a jogging stroller. Which I decided against because I never jog and never want to jog. Until now. Until mama belly didn't disappear without any effort, as planned. So, my much researched and never-used stroller that I still think is awesome, is up for grabs on e-bay and craigslist to make way for the BOB Duallie that is sure to get this belly melted away. Falynn, you were right. I should have gotten this to begin with. Once you've had a BOB, there is no other stroller that can live up to it's greatness. Now, let's see if I can chase this stroller to a washboard belly!!!


  1. That is so sweet! Good luck with your jogging!

  2. Lawson is such a little charmer! Love it! Don't worry about the "momma belly" sometimes with the second child it takes a bit longer. I'm sure you look beautiful as always!

  3. so cute giving her the bouquet!!

  4. I always told myself 9 months on 9 months off so you've got a while longer before worrying about a flat tummy. Once Naomi is moving you won't ever sit down again so anything left over will melt away!

    Love the photo of her smiling - baby smiles make the world a better place.


  5. How I miss you all. I didn't see Lawson pick a bouquet that big this weekend. He really loves his sister. You got a great series of pictures with Lawson looking so pleased at the end. I love keeping up with these moments on our blog!