Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Double Stroller

I can't even begin to tell you how much time I have spent pouring over reviews and searching for the perfect stroller. I started searching within a week of finding out I was pregnant and have decided upon strollers and changed my mind about a dozen times since then. I even looked in the UK (thanks to Lindsay's dad who offered to bring it over for me on a visit to the states!) but just couldn't make up my mind in time for him to come. I have a single BOB Revolution stroller that I LOVE and that has made this whole search really complicated, as other strollers just don't compare. I didn't necessarily want another big "SUV" type double stroller, but I really wanted big canopies, an easy almost-flat recline and for it to be as light weight as possible. Along the way, I fell in love with the Bumbleride Indie Twin, but really couldn't justify spending $700 on a double stroller. I also liked the functionality of the City Mini Double, but just couldn't get over the resemblance to a cocoon.

If we go on long walks to the park, I'll likely have Naomi in the sling anyway, so I can still use my BOB to put Lawson in. So, pneumatic tires, nice as they are, aren't really a necessity. I mainly need to be able to run my errands and have both kids in the stroller, able to nap (hence the recline and large canopy options being a must). I finally ran across the Zooper Tango last week and decided it was time to commit. They are fazing out the 2008 model over the next few weeks and I was able to find it marked down $130. However, the red version was all that was left at this price. Normally, I go for nuetral colors. Black would be fantastic and will be available on the 2009 version in a few weeks, but would cost me $200 more since there are no significant changes between the models, other than fabric choice. So, red it is. And without further ado, my new Zooper Tango.

Some of my favorite features about this stroller are:

-Only four wheels (unlike many similar strollers that have six)
-The seats go almost flat
-The individual canopies go all the way down to the belly bar
-Individual adjustable foot rests
-Large storage area underneath
-I can use my Britax infant carrier in it when Naomi is tiny
-Really easy fold down
-Stands on it's own when it's folded
-weighs 27lbs (not too shabby for a solid double)

Now I just have to wait for it to get here and see if I love it as much as I think I will. I can always send it back if I don't, but I'm really hoping that my search is over!!!


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