Wednesday, August 5, 2009

She Needed a Little "MOBILE"ity

I tend to be pretty selective about the toys I buy for the kids. Birthdays and Christmases yield more presents than Lawson or I know what to do with. I have a theory that kids do better with just a few toys. If I have a few out, Lawson will play with the same toy for a long time. If there are a lot of toys out, he gets them all over the floor and then gets bored because he doesn't even know where to start. Because of that, Naomi has only two toys. Her teether and her little pink cloth doll.

Naomi received her third "toy" last week and finally noticed it today. It's been dangling above her head while she lay in her bed for several days, unnoticed. Finally, she spent a bit of quiet wakeful time beneath it and it caught her eye. Slowly and randomly swirling above her, she saw the shapes and colors for the first time. Her little arms and legs started going and she did her best to take as much of it in as she could. To her, it was magic. And maybe it really was magic. She got magically quiet for an extended period of time and the laundry baskets became magically folded. A worthy addition to her little toy stash, I think. It looks pretty cool suspended in the air. I've been mesmerized by it a few times, myself!


  1. Hey Kimberly I love the mobile!! Where'd you find it??

  2. I got it at Oompa Toys. It's the Djeco Fantasy mobile : )