Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Tooth Fairytale

Once I had a girl who broke her tooth.  So, off to the dentist we went to get it fixed.  My expectations for her cooperation were very low after she bit the dentist's "barbie mirror" during our first visit.  She showed signs of feeling nervous when the dentist came to get started on her tooth.  We discussed the possibility that she just may have to keep her sharp front tooth so we didn't traumatize her too much.  Then out came the "pilot mask" AKA strawberry scented laughing gas AKA toddler tamer AKA the protagonist of this story.  She instantly became solely concentrated on taking the deepest breaths she could followed by an "Ah!" (think the sound you make after you drink a nice refreshing soda).  She proclaimed over and over "I like that 'mell!"  Within a few minutes the whole thing was done, she was happy as could be with a little plastic frog in each hand and home we went with a brand new tooth!  Thank goodness for laughing gas!  If only I had some on hand at home... it would be a whole new world!

....and they all lived happily ever after..... 



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