Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And Since We've No Place to Go....


This was what we found when we looked out the window this morning

Snow day!!!

It was time to put on our boots...

and head out to explore!

Snow is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face!

Well, anyone except for Naomi.  She did NOT enjoy the snow on her hand.

Lawson was feeling the cold, too, but it wasn't stopping him from having fun.

With a bit of caution, Naomi began to explore.

She may not be a "hands on" kind of girl, but she jumps right in!

Snow is kind of cold on the backside, as well.

There was a little concern for the thirsty birds when they discovered this.

Frozen water was a new one for Naomi!

There were new things up high

and there were new things down low.

Never a dull moment at Mima's house!

It was a brief trip outside...

but well worth the effort of getting all bundled up!

Naomi even managed to enjoy the snow on her fingers by the end..... though she wasn't fond of it on her boots.

...and in case you are wondering why every single photo is black and white, it has a little something to do with our lack of having winter jackets (Mississippi isn't THAT cold) and the fact that our one real winter coat is size 4T hand me down from the kid's cousin.... girl cousin. 

Happy snow day!!!!!


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  1. omg that made me laugh so hard!! I was wondering how you got a boy coat that had so much fluff around the face!!