Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Cautionary Tale About Beans

The days are flying by around here and I've been keeping very busy!  Not only am I growing a human, but I'm raising two more smallish people that keep me on my toes at all times.  I've been taking pictures for friends, which I've started adding to my long-neglected photography blog (there's a link on the sidebar of my blog) and trying to meet up with people as much as possible despite being carless and at the mercy of my busy mom's schedule.  Luckily, my friend Falynn lives nearby and rescues me often!  It's approaching delivery day for my sister, who is due in exactly one week, and I am SO ready for that phone call!!!  You know it's close when e-mails from her begin with, "No.  I'm not in labor."  Any day now.  (WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!)

The kids made another trip over to their Aunt and Uncle's house to play with their cousins, Brayden and Reanna and had so much fun!  They even got to see their other set of cousins unexpectedly, who were in from out of town.  What a treat!  Lawson spent the night there and got to go see his cousin win his football game the next day.  It made quite an impression because he now wants to play "space ball" really bad.  I'm thinking somehow he got baseball and football confused.  Either way, he's totally ready to play ball like he's older cousin!  Naomi just hung out for the afternoon and evening, but still had a great time playing, looking at their horses and eating a few too many bowls of beans.

I was given fair warning when Naomi was dropped off that three large bowls of bean soup had been consumed by my tiny little girl at dinner.  I was waiting for the sure-to-be disgusting diapers to follow.  All day I waited and nothing.  She ate a huge bowl of rice and vegetables the next night at dinner and went to bed great.  However, while rocking her back to sleep a few hours later, that bowl of vegetables landed on my shoulder.  Oh, the horror.  Let me just say that I have lucked out and never dealt with throw up with either of my kids.  Spit up, yes.  Chunky, stomach-bile smelling throw up, no.  This was a new, gag-inducing frontier.  We both hopped in the bath, she got a new pair of jammies and went back to bed (on top of a towel).  I jumped in my bed, and we drifted off to sleep.  For about 10 minutes.  Thank goodness for that towel, cause round two was much worse than round one.  Vegetables have never looked so unappetizing.  Her belly was huge and hard and uncomfortable.  I'm pretty sure she literally had no room for any of her dinner because those gas-inducing beans had her entire digestive system occupied.  That was the beginning of the clean out process.  Finally today, four days later, I think we may be on the tail end of the giant bean-induced diarrhea diapers and crying about an upset gassy tummy.  Bean soup is delicious, but let this be a warning to you.  Three bowls of bean soup is a couple of bowls too many.  Here is my mostly-deflated girl out enjoying a nice, overcast Oregon fall day.

And for good measure, here is my future space ball player.  Look at those wild eyes.  The boy is up to something!



  1. Poor little love. Perhaps you could poke her with a little pin next time to see her swoosh about the room like a popped balloon? Big hugs to all the munchkins.