Monday, September 27, 2010

Work It Out

I didn't expect to be posting a belly pictures at 11 weeks, but the scary fact is, there is a belly to be seen!  I must say, that the size of my been-there-done-that belly coupled with the many twin pregnancy dreams I've had since getting pregnant freaks me out!  I prefer my babies one at a time, and while we did only see one baby at our six week ultrasound, there was a suspicious dark circle below the baby that left Dustin and I both scratching our heads a little.  It haunts my dreams for now.  Without further ado, here is my 11 week bump:

Ack, right?!  Kind of reminds me of about 20 weeks with Lawson!  Hopefully, it'll stay about this size for the next 11 weeks, then we'll go from there.  I'm not sure I can continue a growth rate this aggressive!!!  Baby number three is definitely putting it out there for the world to see.  And given the itty bitty size of the baby at 11 weeks (according to, I'm having a lime), I'm pretty sure it's mostly lack of muscle tone allowing each bite of food and bubble of gas (yes, you have lots of gas during pregnancy... it's no joke.) to go straight out in front of me.  Not such a big deal right now.  I'm pregnant and totally allowed to have a big belly!  However, I would really enjoy looking "normal" at my sister's wedding 3 months after baby and the only way that's going to happen is if I whip myself into shape starting NOW.  It's a sad fact, but I haven't really worked out in four years.  I know.  Pathetic!  I've gone for walks and chased my kids around, so it's not like I'm immobile or anything, but I haven't specifically worked out and I surely haven't done and ab work.  So, I've entered the world of prenatal fitness DVDs.  Turns out, they are kind of fantastic!!!  I could see how they could be a little "light" if you started out already super fit, but for me, they get my heart pumping, my muscles burning and leave me feeling chewed-up and spit-out wonderful!

My arsenal includes, but is not limited to, the following DVDs:


So far, Summer Sanders and Erin O'Brien are my favorite!  Thank you to my awesome new friend and neighbor, Ashley for sending the Erin O'Brien DVD over...along with delicious cookies!!!  Score.  With any luck, these workouts will help keep my back from getting sore like it did with Naomi!  I'm just putting this out there to keep myself accountable that I will be working out for as long as I can throughout my pregnancy and, with any luck, I'll bounce back in time for my sister's wedding next July!  At the very least, my arms will be toned and ready to pack a baby around!  I'm pretty good at shining on a workout if there is no one expecting me to do it, so now you all now.  I am officially holding myself accountable and will be feeling the burn!



  1. Woo, go Kim! You look absolutely terrific!

    If your looking to try any others, I absolutely LOVED this:

    Also, if you haven't started or tried it during your previous pregnancies, prenatal chiropractic worked wonders for the terrible back pain I had during the beginning of my pregnancy (although it didn't help a lick for back!) I started around 20 weeks and went once a week, and boy was it worth it.

    Good luck and I hope that you have tons of fun jumping the gun on getting into shape and losing baby weight. I'm sure you'll really feel refreshed throughout the pregnancy if you stick with it!

    P.S. I'm scared of having twins too! We have twins on both sides of the family, and as precious as twins are, I don't know how mom's of twins's outta this world!

    Take care, and congrats again on precious bundle #3

  2. well, if its any consolation, I am 5'4", weigh 115-120 pre-pregnancy, and looked like you did with my FIRST child. Then with my second, my belly was as big as yours at 8 weeks.

    I shudder to think about how soon I'll be showing if/when we have #3!

  3. Good work, Kim!! I have been going to the gym as often as I can but starting school, and now getting sick, have kind of got in the way of a routine. Maybe I will try some of these videos! Do you like the yoga/pilates ones? I dont feel like I will sweat or burn like I do w/cardio but it seems like they'd be a good way to stretch and tone... Let me know what you think! :-) Keep up the good work!

  4. keep up the great work! working out has always helped me- and with keira my stomach got MUCH bigger- sorry that is what happens with 3:)

  5. You look great Kim!!! The third definitely shows a lot quicker but I think it's great that your trying to stay active! Can't wait to hear about that next ultrasound!