Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello, Crunch!

It is officially apple cider and pumpkin pie season!  Acorns have been making their way into little fists on the way to the park the past few days and there is a definite crunch to my step and crisp, delicious smell to the air.  Especially today, after the first rain of the season.  Fall has officially arrived!  We are also officially moved into our new house in Mississippi!

What this house lacks in charm, it makes up for in so many areas!  The yard work is done for us twice a week, the utilities are included and all we have to worry about is paying for our internet connection!  The floor plan is wonderful for us, with all the bedrooms branching off the end of the hall next to each other.  It's going to make the final transition of Naomi from our bed into her own so much easier than a split bedroom house plan.  It's your typical base house with waxed linoleum floors (thankfully, in a neutral, non-offensive color) and no special touches, to speak of.  But, now that I've got most of the decor out and pictures on the wall, it's feeling pretty cozy!  We have a BIG field out our backdoor that leads you to a great park for the kids and a there is a fenced-in dog run right next to that!  If the kids ever grow tired of this park, there are a handful more just a hop, skip and a jump down the sidewalk!  A quick walk over to the park each evening leaves all the little creatures in our house tired out for bed!  As a bonus, we have wonderful neighbors who welcomed us with home cooked banana bread and pasta then had us over for dinner despite the fact that they only moved in two weeks before us and are due with their fourth baby any day now.  She is superwoman.  Officially!  Their other children are two years apart (2, 4 and 6) and make wonderful friends for Lawson and Naomi.  What a huge blessing! Mississippi is gorgeous and green with trees and hills everywhere you look!  It's surely going to be a good year here.

As for me, I'm exhausted.  This pregnancy is mimicking Naomi's.  It started out easy, with little nausea or exhaustion.  A couple weeks of nausea came just as I needed to pack up and move, and it's pretty much gone now.  But, the tiredness amped up in the last few days and I currently feel like I have a doozy of a hangover without having had a lick of fun to earn it with!  With Lawson I was exhausted from the get go and it just got better and better.  Not with Naomi and not this time.  It started out good and just when I should be feeling better, I want to sleep.  All.  day.  long.  Coupled with the dreams I've had lately of a little girl, I'm throwing it out there that my gut is telling me we have another girl on our hands.  We'll see!  I'm 10 weeks now, so we're halfway to taking a peek at the nether-regions via ultrasound.  I can't wait!

While I'm updating, Dustin is officially checked in to his new squadron where he'll learn to fly the T-45.  It has an ejection seat and required filling out lots of paperwork dealing with "in case of injury of death" so I'm obviously thrilled!  Okay, I am actually really excited for him, but filling out my contact information and who I want to have with me in case of his death is a little unsettling.  I guess following your dreams can be a little dangerous!

The kids are doing great and getting huge all of a sudden!  My new bedroom makes a great studio, so I tested it out yesterday and snapped some pictures of the kids!  I have to catch up.  There are hardly any pictures from this month!  So, I'll leave you with that until I find the energy to blog again!  Happy Fall everyone!

And an outtake....



  1. Oh my goodness! That last photo made me laugh out loud! Hysterical!

  2. The outtake has to be my favorite! Sound like your are in for an amazing year there and I look forward to seeing all the pics of it!

  3. that is the most gorgeous light!!! I'm so glad the move went smoothly :) Lots of area rugs will help the base house feel more like home :)

  4. I look at a lot of blogs and photographer websites and I have to say I think you are TRULY my favorite photographer. I LOVE YOUR pictures and style. Always stunning!!

  5. Hey Kimberly..those pictures are wonderful....what kind of camera do you use and what kind of photo programm????
    I am really intereted in starting taking pictures a bit more professional and i def. need a new camera. Do you have any advices for me????