Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Do Not Stay Still.

A month after we started unpacking our boxes in our house in Mississippi, I found myself packing up once again.  Because we do not sit still.  Thankfully, this time I wasn't packing the entire household.  Just enough for the kids and I to spend a month or so in Oregon. Cold, rainy Oregon!

We arrived at the airport four hours before my flight took off and had some time to kill before Dustin dropped us off.  After driving around for a while, we happened upon a Bass Pro Shop (fun!) and spent a few hours there checking out the outdoor gear, giant fresh-water aqaurium and "party boats" as Lawson called them.  He loved those boats!  Enough that he cried when we left them and the airplane trip no longer seemed as exciting.  He wanted one of those $20,000 boats!  At least he's got good taste!  After a yummy salad and some alligator nuggets (those were on the other side of the table from me, just to be clear) we made it to the airport and said our goodbyes.  We've gotten good at that part!  I didn't even cry this time!  I didn't want to cut my timing close since I was traveling with two little ones, but when I breezed through security and found myself at the gate with close to two hours before it was time to board, I was a bit bummed out.  The DVD player I brought along wasn't cutting it at that point.  Did I mention that we don't stay still?  So, we walked all over the airport, met all sorts of new people and did a great job wearing me out before we even boarded our first plane.  The kids were good during the flight, which was a quick one hour commuter to Houston.  We grabbed some food during our layover and then I spent an hour before the flight trying to keep them from falling apart as it was a good two hours after their bedtime.  Thank goodness, they both slept almost the entire 4 hour flight to Portland, Oregon!  I, did not.  But, at least they were quiet and all I had to do was sit in an uncomfortable seat while my head rolled off to the side and snapped me out of sleep the second I fell into it.  It all went much better than it could have!  At midnight, which was 2am for us coming from Mississippi, we arrived and I almost peed my pants before I found a bathroom.  Four hours is a LONG flight for a preggo with a sleeping baby on her lap.  Let's just say, I was feeling a lot of relief, both for finding a toilet and for having made it without the screaming fit on the plane as I had feared!

We spent the first weekend at my sister's house in Portland for her baby shower, which was a fantastic co-ed barbecue, then headed down to my moms house where we will wait out the next few weeks until my sister's little guy decides to make his arrival.  So far, it's been rainy, cloudy and cool.  I love it!  I'm sure it will be nice to escape the dreary clouds when we head back home, but for now, it's a great change!  The Uggs are officially back in use and the kids are spending a lot of time watching the rain fall out the window.

For now we find ourselves hanging out at my mom's house a lot (since I am without a car of my own here) and enjoying many visitors and little outings here and there!  Maybe we do sit still, after all!  It's a nice change of pace, I must say.  I'm finally back into reading after a couple month moving-induced hiatus and am tearing through the book "Origins" by Annie Murphy Paul.  It is fascinating!

Lawson had his first overnight play date with his cousins and is officially a big boy.  No hug goodbye for me!  "Bye mom!  You stay here." and a quick high five were as much as I could get out of him!  Off he went for a fun time riding in their new jeep, playing on the quad, checking out their horses and heading up the mountain to see the salmons spawning.  Apparently, the "little dead ones" were his favorite (I'm hoping because it was easier to look at them), but he did let me know that those little, dead fish were really stinky!  Observant little fellow!  By the time I showed up to get him the next day, he took a quick couple of steps toward me than headed for the hills!  It was too much fun to be done!  They'll have to have a few more overnighters before we leave here.

I will say, it is hard to be away from Dustin for a month or so without him being gone on deployment.  He started class this week, so hopefully that keeps him busy enough that it's not too sad for him to have us away.  And he's got Porter there to keep him company! I've got the kids here to keep me from dwelling on missing him, but it will be great be back together again for the holidays!  In the meantime, I'm brimming with excitement at the new life about to make it's way into the family.  My sister and Dave will make such great parents!  To see that new little face and meet the tiny person that has been kicking around inside my sister's beautiful belly is going to be the obvious highlight of the trip!  I'm so happy for her I could burst!



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