Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Somewhere In The Middle

So, here I am. Somewhere in the middle of a move across the country on a "sort-of" vacation in Oregon. Part of me thinks I should be back home helping out with the finishing details of the house renovation in Washington, but let's be real here. I would only be in the way. The other part of me wants to stay in Oregon for good with all me family and friends just a short car ride away. And yet another part of me wants to get the DARN show on the road and hightail it to our new house in Texas!!!  Either way, we're in Oregon for another week or so and I'm trying to enjoy this down time between packing and unpacking.  Well, down time is a funny term for me to use with two little ones hanging off me.  Fun fact:  "vacation" is not all that relaxing.  Having your small children in other people's very adult homes is not like a trip to the spa.  Staying home is probably about the most relaxing location for a mom of two young children.  Seriously!

I made it to my dad's retirement party last Friday, which was really fun to be a part of!  I also have been trying to meet up with some friends and family.  There just isn't enough time in each day!  I even got the honor of taking photos of my friend Falynn's three week old BEAUTIFUL baby.

Seriously.  I could eat his smooshy little cheeks for a snack and save the rest for the plane ride.  I'm pretty sure he'd fit in my carry-on bag.  So cute.

The kids have been going to the park with me in the evenings, which has been really nice.  Clearly, they were excited.

Normally Lawson doesn't have his finger up his nose (total lie).  Normal he looks perfect and calm as he reads books in the dappled sunlight by the big glass door (again, raging lie).

And Naomi never squeals at the top of her lungs and flails her legs around wildly (I'm on a roll).  Most days, you'd find her in her bonnet, picking daisies (definitely, not eating them).

Not much has been going on that could be considered blog-worthy.  I've been rather drained and lacking motivation to share the mundane details of my life with the world, or the few random people who happen across this blog.  I have been feeling the creative energy return to me in bursts, though.  I swear that shooting the photos of little Stellan was the most invigorating thing I've done in weeks.  Something about packing boxes every day for a month sucks the life out of you.  I don't know what it is!  Leave it to a newborn bundle of cuteness to remind you where your passion lies.  In the click of a shutter and the laughter of your babies!  So, excuse my absence and excuse my sure-to-be typos, as I'm also lacking the motivation to proof read this.  My large delicious pizza should be arriving on my doorstep any time and I am about ready to hover by the window awaiting the hum of the pizza truck engine.  Wow, this whole being real thing can make a person sound pretty pathetic!
Sidenote:  Is the "white" part of the black and white photo of Stellan sort of pink to anyone else?  I'm on my mom's computer with her uncalibrated monitor and I seriously can't figure out if it's the photo of the computer!  Throw me a bone here so I can quit crossing my eyes and moving my head around like a dash-board bobble head trying to see the pinkish tint from every angle!  



  1. So glad you are enjoying Oregon. I live in WA and work in Oregon. Unfortunatly, we are having a very wet May :( I hope the move goes smoothly. And, the pictures do not look pink ;)

  2. Hi! Welcome to Oregon. I would love to see you guys once if you have time before taking off, since I haven't seen you since before Lawson was born.

    The photo is definitely not pink on any of the monitors here. I checked mine and my mom's 2 computers. They look great.

  3. hang in there- i know being in transition on a move with 2 kids is not easy!