Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh, Babies!

I've been shooting babies the past few days!  With my camera, that is!  We did round two of baby Stellan's pictures to try to get a shot we weren't able to the first time around.  It worked this time and we were thrilled!!!

 Here are a few more from the first day

Well, my friend Falynn (Stellan's mom) has a sister-in-law with 9 month old twin boys, Miles and Cash.  She helped arrange an impromtu photoshoot with them this morning and it was so much fun!  I've only gotten a chance to play with this one so far, but am counting down the hours until bed time so I can edit more of the 400+ picture I took of them.  I could seriously take photos of babies all.  day.  long. 

I have also been photographing my own babies.  This photo pretty much sums Naomi up.

Lawson has been a wee bit camera shy, but I like this photo anyway!

A few days ago I thought I'd take pictures of the flowers because they were looking so pretty and I thought they'd be a still subject.  Turns out the wind moves flowers a lot!  But, I still got a few I liked.  Here are the snow ball flowers!

That pretty well sums up my last few days.  Pictures and more pictures!!!  There are sure to be more coming soon of the twins!!!



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