Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tour of Our Humble Home

Welcome to my living room.  Take a seat and enjoy my wonderful decor!

Now allow me to take you downstairs.

This is a vast improvement from a few days ago!  The wall on the left with the empty doorway is a new wall for our the new laundry room.  Kind of awesome.  Someone will have fun doing laundry in there.  See the doorway with the door???

This is the same door.  It used to be on the right side of this wall up until last week. 

Come on into the laundry room!

This is a view of what will soon be our laundry room.  Dustin moved the plumbing and changed the wiring to move the water heater (he moved that himself, too), the washer and dryer into this new room.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.  Oh, and that washer?  That's the washer with the water line that became disconnected earlier today.  I didn't know that and was doing laundry.  Basement flood number two.  Ugh.  Thank goodness for kitty litter.  It's soaking up the water at the floor level of the NEW drywall. 

This is the master bedroom.  It used to have dark wood paneling with blue textured wallpaper plastered onto it.  It was not cute.  The ceiling was also tiled.  Dustin destroyed then drywalled it.  Much better.

Another view of the master.  

The new home of the hall closet between the master bedroom and bath.  It just got framed in and drywalled today.

Looking from the master suite through the laundry room to the front room.  Did I mention we are moving in two weeks???

And that concludes our tour for now.  More pictures to follow as more progress is made... hopefully very quickly.

THE FINE PRINT:  This is precisely why my blog has been utterly neglected lately.  Two kids, plus moving, plus an entire basement remodel is kind of intense.  Think I could just click my heals three times???



  1. Wow! I don't even recognize the master bedroom! Shocking!! What fabulous's going to look fab when it's done. :)

  2. I'm amazed!!!! GO DUSTIN!!! I can't believe how much he's gotten done since I was there! It's looking great, I only wish I could see it for myself when it's finished. Sorry about the unfortunate flood... lame... I'm so excited to see you here real soon!

  3. That's a lot of work! Can I tell you a little story? One week before I got married I came home from work to the home we were going to live in to find that my soon to be husband and his father had completely ripped off one side of the house. I mean no wall at all! Gone! So I no where you are and what has to happen to get to where you want to be. :)

  4. Someone is going to have a great house to live in!

  5. Love your blog and thought it deserved a little sunshine. Visit here

    Blessings, Tracy