Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nice Days

Yes, folks.  The days in South Texas are nice.  I am reminded of this every morning as Lawson comes running into my room to crawl under "his bankettes" and says something along the lines of

Nice day!!!  

Fan round.  Fast.  

Lights on. (the sun is up) 

then after a quiet pause, I feel a pat on my arm.

Ohhhh, Mama lillo. (little)  Cute!  Baby Num Num lillo!  Cute!  I hug her.

And when I smile at him, because how could you not, he jumps on the opportunity to get me out of bed.

New house!  Big house!  EEE  EEE  UP, MAMA!!!  (Get up, Mama!) 

Potty!  Onjue!  Dee on!  (potty.  orange juice. tv on)

At some point in the midst of all this, Naomi wakes up, usually with a giant smile on her face and begins the morning dance between the two kids of rolling around on the bed giggling with each other and showing me, yet again, that we did, indeed, wake up to a "nice day".  A nice day in our new house, where the sun is shining on most days and we have each other.  Dad is home and not working on the house.  We are playing and living and enjoying life.  Nice day could be an understatement.  Even today, when the clouds are out and "the house is raining" as Lawson puts it, it feels good. 

With so much fun to be had, I just have not been able to sit myself down long enough to write about it.  Why sit down and sift through pictures and words running around in my mind when I could be laying on the surf of the Gulf of Mexico with my favorite people watching itty-bitty little clams burrow themselves down into the sand?  That, I might add, is a bit more entertaining than it should be.  It's absolutely riveting to watch those little guys hike their shells up in the air and disappear into a little beach geyser in a matter of seconds.  Naomi thought she'd stumbled upon a seafood buffet, so we had to keep her from doing a clam shooter right there on the beach, but she was really into it, too!

There is much to catch up on!  The travels to Texas were a whirlwind of trains, planes and automobiles.  Lawson had a blast and it was a kick to watch the thrill he got from it!  It was quite exhausting, though!  I'll have to save the details for another post because I just don't have it in me right now!  I'm currently staring at the date at the bottom of my computer screen and trying to figure out how it's only two days away from my baby girl's first birthday.

So for now, I leave you with some snapshots of our new life.  It's pretty nice.

Soaking up the sun

Splashing in the water

Skinny dipping in the pool

Monkeying around

Racing round the track

With one very happy little man

Who may or maynot have gotten into my make up

Leaves us pretty happy to have landed in our nest in Corpus Christi, Texas.



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