Monday, January 11, 2010

WANTED: Help Me Quack the Case


Slim the Duck

Suspected of foul play and attempted momslaughter!

Help me quack the case!

Yes, Slim may look like a sweet little ducky, but don't be fooled by her rounded features and flowery, watersplashed coat. Slim has been the instigator of much of the foul play around here lately. Think screaming babies and the yelling of "MINE!!!!!" during every bath. She seems to be wanted for play and for FOUL play. She also tried to kill me on a midnight trip to the toilet when I stepped on her, rolled my ankle and nearly flew face first into the darkness amidst the cold porcelain tub and tile. I suppose she'd say I tried to kill her by stepping on her out of nowhere as she slept soundly, but there's two sides to every coin. And who are you going to believe: me or the duck? She's a total quack!

So keep your eyes peeled for this blue bandit! She's ruffled enough feathers already.


  1. Quackety Quack...don't talk back! (you know the tune...)

  2. lol- they always want the toy there is only ONE of! The kids are two cuties- hope you continue to enjoy the moment!