Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Tenth of the Month

Both Lawson and Naomi were born on the 10th of their birth month (I predicted each of them would be early on in my pregnancy... kind of strange.). Dustin was born on the 20th of his and I was born on the 30th of mine, so the obsessive/compulsive organizer inside of me gets thrilled about that. Something about it seems very tidy. I know, that's annoying. It is very convenient for keeping track of their age, though. Every month on the tenth, I know they are each older than they should be! Every month on the tenth, I go to sleep feeling overwhelmed by their new age and saddened by the lost opportunities to document their previous age. Yes, I realize I take far too many pictures and that point is lost and very irrational, but that's the mamarazzi in me. I can not take too many photos of the kids. And every month on the tenth, I remember that X amount of months ago, Dustin and I experienced the most life-changing, beautiful moments in our lives. We got to watch the unfolding of new life as a symbol of our love for each other. Amazing.

So. So. Amazing.

These two kiddos are now 29 months old (that's almost 2 1/2!!!!) and 7 months old.

Our little Monkey, Lawson is Mr. Sensitive. He'll stop in the middle of building his Lego train to tell me how glad he is that we're all home together on a Saturday morning. It sounds more like, "Mama. Daddy. Baby. Home! Yeah!!!", but it's written all over his face how pleased he is about it. He lights up when we all gather round to pray before bed time and asks for more each time. As Dustin prays, he squints his eyes and smiles and tilts his head back and forth in agreement to whatever his daddy is saying. He also can't wait to move to "Tesas!". He's pretty sure that daddy is driving a truck and a tractor down there and is so pleased to be flying there in an airplane with me and Num Num. If there are wheels involved, he's all abooooaaaaard!!!! He may keep me on my toes and have me taking lots of deep breaths, but he melts my heart over and over. Oh, and he's also hilarious!

Here he is trying on Uncle Dave's spectacles

Doing his best smile for the lolipop I promised him for one good picture! Is that bad??

Miss Naomi is our mover and shaker. The girl does not sit still! She was sitting up at four months old and crawling at six. The week surrounding Christmas, she went from kind of crawling, to scooting around and standing up with the help of any nearby object. She even got into some drawers and cabinets! She is on a mission! She's got a smile that takes over her face and a laugh that could make even the grumpiest of grumps giggle. She is so much sunshine per square inch. Little, but mighty and so full of love. I may not get to snuggle her very often, but watching her snuggle with her brother is good enough for me! Although, let it be known that the few times she has laid her head on my shoulder and relaxed, I stopping whatever I was doing and cuddled her the two minutes she let me. She's already seven months old and I'm pretty sure that the next month or so will see her running around this house! Naomi does not take life laying down, she grabs it by the horns!

Getting into things. Of, course.

There's that smile!

Yep, it's the tenth of the month again. The kids are older and I will undoubtedly lay in bed tonight wondering how this happened already! Luckily, this month, my husband is home, so my wandering thoughts can be interrupted by the rhythmic snoring coming from his side of the bed!


  1. Sweet Life! What better to get into?

    I relate to your obsessive/compulsive organizer thoughts!

  2. Oh this pulled at my mommy heart! I so understand this! My second and youngest just turned 17 months on the ninth. How can that be?! These photos are gorgeous. You do lovely work! {grin}