Monday, January 11, 2010

We Were Stuffed... So They Were Not

Everything was stuffed this holiday season. The stockings, the turkey, our bellies! Well, this year, as a gift to myself, one thing was not stuffed. The diapers!!! Normally, I'm very serious about my cloth diapers. Naomi wore Seventh Generation disposables until her cord fell off and I haven't put another sposie on her or Lawson since. Well, until Christmas. Between staying at other people's houses, packing and traveling up to our house in Washington only to attempt to deal with every item we own, Dustin suggested that I make the switch to disposables temporarily. I dug my heals in, emphatically said, "NO!" and then it sunk in. And it sounded very good. Very, very good. Not that cloth is a pain. It's not at all. In fact, I love it! It makes me happy! BUT, there's a lot going on right now in the way of piles of things to be sorted out and a little thing called life, so one less pile of laundry to deal with every day is a huge help! Lawson thinks it's funny to have "peeper" (paper) covering his buns and Naomi took off crawling within days of the switch thanks to less bulk around her hips. All their pants are now huge in the waist, which is kind of funny, but it has been a good thing for us the past couple weeks.

I am a huge advocate of cloth diapers, but I know when to say when. Like I always say, "it's the little things" and this little switch made a huge difference for me right when I needed it. I'm about ready to jump back into using my fluff stash, but for a few more days, I'm throwing the poop in the trash.


  1. How do you like the 7th generation ones?

  2. i want to use cloth too. my hubby thinks im crazy for it, but i cant think of a reason NOT to cloth diaper our kids.

  3. How funny is it that we both took a cloth break at the same time? Today was their first day back and let me tell you, I SO needed that break of not doing diaper laundry daily!

  4. We're in sposies at the moment too - a wriggling toddler + fractured wrist + lots of poppers = pain in the bum!

    It's not all or nothing - do what's right for you!