Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy DO Year

Missed me? So have I! Where have I been, you ask? Dealing with stuff. Literally, all of our stuff. I packed up a portion of what had been moved to my mom's to live for the past few months to go stay with Dustin's parent's for a week or so during his Christmas vacation, then repacked it to go back to my moms to reintegrate it into what I had there. I laundered our clothes and gathered everything together, then packed it again to come back up to Washington. Still with me? At this point, we unloaded it into our house. This is where things go insane. Our house had already thrown up in it's mouth, for lack of a better explanation before I'd left for Oregon. Our belongings have been moved around this house so many times that I'm sure they have a bad case of the spins. The last move was via a quick launch of all of our items up the stairs during the flood of 2009. This is where our house threw up in it's own mouth. Then our car threw up in our houses' mouth.... okay, I'm done with that visual. This is getting weird. Basically, our house looked like all the closets spit their contents out, then God reached down and stirred it around into a big pile of "have fun and try not to go nuts sorting this out!" Well, I'm failing. I'm going nuts!

I've been busy looking over every item we own and every stitch of clothing we've ever thought looked good on us (including that hideous poop-brown sweater that showed back up in my living room after I'd kicked it out and Dustin saved it from landing in someone else's closet because he was sure it got in the give-away bag on accident). I've also been using Space Bags to store our clothes and blankets. If you've not used these before, let's just say that this is crack for organizers. Goodbye air, hello freed up space in your linen closet!!! I even sucked the air out of my wedding dress. Anyway, between sorting out our belongings so that we are able to move out of this house in just a few months, having never actually enjoyed all the work we've done (yes, I'm bitter.) and keeping our children clothed, fed and happy, I've been laying in bed. This is the part where I should have been sleeping, but instead just laid there sweating from the blast of the fire that Dustin can't stop "stoking" and listening to him do his best fog horn impression on the other side of the bed. I also did a lot of bed-blogging. I've got blogs for days in my head so hopefully I'll play catch up over the next few weeks! I think I'm past the really tedious stuff, but we've got a torn apart basement to remedy and an upstairs with no trim, no bathroom door (who needs one of those anyways?) and some serious piles of stuff to find homes for.

Yes, this is the year of the do. Do, Do, Do!!!! Happy DO Year everyone!!!! I hope 2010 is kicking off strong for all of you! Now back to the doing...

At least one of us is kicking back around here!
Well, two of us.


  1. I've been waiting for that blog. Hope you get everything together before your head spins off! Good luck.

  2. Happy Do Year to you! I, also, am having a Do Year...our blogs are going to be off and running for 2010!