Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'll Take a Renovated Kitchen With a Side of TRIM!

I did enough time with no kitchen at all that by the time we had our kitchen put back together, I hardly noticed the lack of trim around the window and door. I had a counter top and that was good enough for me. Well, those days are gone. Thanks to my handy husband, we now have gorgeous trim around the window and door and as of right this very moment, even the sliding door next to the kitchen!!! What a difference it makes! Something about finish work really makes all the details pop!

The gorgeous craftsman style trim around our kitchen window!

He dropped the top piece down a bit to hide the hardware of the shade. Details, I tell you!
(Speaking of details, you'd never know I just cleaned the windows two days ago. Sanding is awful.)

Finishing up the trim around the door.

Can I change my order? On second thought, I'll have a trimmed out kitchen with a side of HIM!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the trim. Amazing what a big difference small details make!

  2. Aw, lol. Love the trim! I also LOVE your header on your blog - beautiful!

  3. Looks amazing! Tell Dustin Fallon said just keep going!

  4. We've been updating our kitchen this weekend too! How crazy!