Monday, January 25, 2010

It's All About the Bowl

When you are only seven months old, all you need to entertain yourself is a bowl and a spoon. Naomi has been working hard at feeding herself. She can get her little veggie puffs in her mouth no problem and she's getting pretty good at using the spoon! Pears and carrots (not at the same time) are her favorite. It can get pretty messy, though and I am really glad I went ahead and sprung for this four sided, magnetic closure bib by bebe au lait! It's awesome.

The other little person in my life is also all about the bowls lately. He running for the bowl a few dozen times a day and making it nearly every time!

Bowls are pretty thrilling around here lately and I am having a great time being a part of all these new milestones and big steps.... except those that involve poop falling out the bottom of the britches. Those steps, I am not having fun being a part of. We're getting there though. One potty party at a time!!!


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