Saturday, January 23, 2010

Potty Party or Party Pooper???

Something is missing in this picture. Can you tell what it is?

A diaper!

We're having a Potty Party!!! Mr. Lawson is becoming a big, big boy these last few days. At any given moment, you'd find him wandering around the house sans pants, ready to dash to the potty whenever he feels the need! The first day had me plum spoiled. I thought this was going to be a piece of cake! Out of the blue, he asked to go potty before nap time and I jumped all over it. He went, we clapped, jumped up and down and scared the pee out of Naomi as we made a big, huge deal out of the greatness of his peeing in the potty. He napped, woke up dry again, peed in the potty again, we scared Naomi again with our overzealous celebratory dancing and hollering and the rest of the day went about the same. He would yell out "potty!!!!" then dash to the bathroom and go. His excitement may have had a little something to do with him getting a treat after he peed... maybe just a little something to do with it, but it was going really well!

Anyway, the next morning he woke up dry again!!! I thought we were home free! We said bye bye to diapers and discussed his new status as a big boy. Morning was going smooth as can be and the beverages and treats were flowing. Told you it was a party around here! Then, he got hungry and grumpy. I can totally relate and I know his Aunt Kelly would, too. Stay out of our way when we're hungry. GRAAAARRRRRR!!!!!! So, the grumps started and the accidents began. Using the potty was no longer fun, it was a struggle for power and I was losing my patience. I really tried to keep it fun, but by the third pee puddle on the floor just outside of the bathroom as he refused to sit and potty, I was pissed. I also was very aware that he had to poop and he point blank refused. Flat out would not go. In fact, I heard him use the word "diaper" for the first time as he asked for one to poop in. Poop. Poop. Poop! This was all going so well... and then.........

it wasn't.

Naptime was eminent and I put an Imse Vimse on his bottom and crossed my fingers that he'd wake up dry again. Well, he didn't. He didn't wake up at all, actually because he never fell asleep. He bounced around in his bed for over and hour and I finally took him out to try to use the potty. He peed, we pulled up his trainer again and he took off running. No poop and no nap. We took a wrong turn somewhere back there at the corner of Hungry and Grumpy and were quickly approaching Messy. Lucky for me, the unavoidable mess was contained in his trainer as he hid behind my bed pretending to play with Naomi. As it turns out, pull-ups don't do so well with poop. The removal of the trainer off a wiggly two year old yields very undesirable results. Although, after we got his bottom, legs and feet all cleaned up in the tub, he was back at peeing in the potty like an old pro! There's something about pooping that is just not happening though. Any clues on this would be more than appreciated!

So, that's where we're at right now. Potty parties galore over here! A few "surprises," as he puts it, but we're making some serious progress! I'm so close to only diapering one set of buns, I can taste it! Well, maybe that's not the best way of putting it, but you know what I mean! Bring on the big boy boy undies!!!! And Lawson, keep them on. Okay? No more stripping in your bed before nap. Got it? Okay, good... On with the party!!!

Going pee while reading about peas. Very appropriate.

Always wash your hands after you use the potty!!!

Yep, we bribe.

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  1. good luck with potty training! luke was pee trained in 3 days- but pooping was a difficult- i never used pull-ups- just kept them in his underwear- he had poop accidents for 2 weeks..... but then one of my friends recommended putting toilet paper in his potty so he could feel something on his bottom when he pooped...
    so there luke sat in the morning (Because i knew he had to poop)- and he did!
    and we never looked back:)
    i think pull-ups are confusing- i used plastic underwear covers (you can get them at target or the nex) during naps and nighttime- luke was night trained after two days so we didn't use them long...
    best of luck!:)