Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chugga Chugga WOOHOO!!!!

This year, in the aftermath of the basement flood, I forgot to bring my advent calendar to Oregon with me. I was a little disappointed, but got a great idea from my friend, Beth, and we did a 12 days of Christmas version of the advent calendar. Every day after nap, Lawson gets to open his envelope and see what kind of goody awaits him. So much fun! He look forward to his "aprize!" every day. Well, the last few days have found us opening the 8 and 7 days til Christmas envelopes, which means that we are officially at the end of our last deployment this tour and that tonight, at midnight, I get to go pick up my man from the train station! We won't be in a pumpkin carriage when the clock strikes 12, but it will be magical and as "happily ever after" as real life gets. We are very excited for daddy to come home, because he is bringing Christmas with him. The holidays are all about family and being together. The magic of the season lies within our hearts and with all of us under one roof, that magic will come alive! Lawson is minutes from going to bed and he is well aware that after this "one more nigh nigh" he will awaken to his daddy in the very same room as him! I cannot wait to see his face light up with love for his father. And Naomi just added the word "dada" to her vocabulary yesterday, so she's on board this "woo-hoo train" as well!!! Who knew a six month old could have a vocabulary, by the way?! I'm scared! And yes, I know I just said "woo-hoo train"... we also have a "diaper depot station" around here that we chuga chuga poo poo to when we need a clean caboose. That's a whole other story though.

Dustin, we are so unbelievably glad to have you home with us this Christmas. Proud is an understatement for how we feel about the service you are giving this country. Our kids have a hero in their dad and flight suits don't have to be ironed, so it's exciting all around. Kidding! Kind of. I love you so much and am so glad that you are my big present this year!!! Here's to a new year, full of bittersweet changes as we continue on this amazing journey with the Navy!

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  1. I'm so thrilled for your family!!! Merry Christmas early!