Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Hi, Mama! I'm Crawling!"

When you aren't yet one, your life is counted in days, weeks or months. Naomi is "none" according to her two year old brother, which is semi-correct. As of last week, she is half. Half a year old, that is. I won't go into the "how in the world did that happen my water just broke the other day and we only just watched Lawson fall in love with her and i just put the newborn diapers away yesterday and for goodness sakes what are all these six to twelve month clothes doing here!" part. I'll just say that this precious time has flown.

Naomi has never been cuddly. She loves to be held for short bursts of time, but holding her is much like harnessing a really unpredictable set of weights. She's quick, strong and determined. Most of the time she is down on the ground rolling to and fro and working on some new grabbing technique or doing baby push-ups. It was hard for me to accept at first because Lawson was and is such a cuddle-bug. I wanted to wear her and snuggle her and treat her like the delicate, tiny little girl that she isn't. She is pretty tiny, but she is not delicate and unless we're out and about with a lot of visual stimulation around, she does not want to be tethered onto her mama. At all. So, I'm not at all surprised (just shocked) that she legitimately crawled today. Lawson's Ugg-wannabe slipper was sitting just out of reach and she rolled onto her belly, hiked up her little tummy and put one knee in front of the other like she's done it a million times to grab ahold of that sort-Ugg. It took me a minute to even register what I'd just witnessed because she looked like such a pro! Lawson was very amused by it and I can tell that it's going to be trouble squared with the two of them getting into things left and right.

As far as other major accomplishments in her life thus far, she waves and says "hi", she says "mama" (mostly when she's ticked, like when the next bite of avocado isn't in her mouth quick enough), she eats peach puree, veggie puffs and avocado (guess I covered that already), and she can squawk louder than anyone I know. She's my favorite little girl in the whole world and the greatest playmate to my favorite little boy in the whole world. Num Num may be blowing through firsts like they're going out of style, but she's still only halfway to her first birthday. Six more months of firsts are ahead of us and I'm pretty sure they'll all come a wee bit faster than I can prepare for them! So happy belated six month birthday, Miss Nummy. You are so much sunshine squeezed into such a sweet, little package! I love you forever and always. What a lucky mommy you have made me.


  1. oh my goodness, she is precious! Happy 1/2 birthday :)

  2. I can't even tell you how funny I find it that our kids mirror each other. Marcus and Lawson are a lot alike and Naomae and Jamesen are too!

    Jamesen also would much rather be on the floor than in my arms and I'm so saaaaaaaaaaaaad by it!

    Man that last picture is awesome. Her face! I love it!