Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This WOOD Make Sense...

...if I was a delivery guy who required a locked and padded room to contain my craziness.

So, a few weeks back we ordered our wood floor. We decided to splurge on delivery and today was the day I had to stay home from 8am-1pm waiting for the wood to arrive. Finally, I hear the screech of a big truck in front of our house and greet the delivery guy at the front door. He took one look at our gorgeous plywood floors and knew he had the right place. He then began to survey behind me.

Guy: There's someone here to help me, right???

Me: Um, my two year old is pretty strong... (K, not funny judging by the blank look). Nope, just me! Don't you have someone else with you???

Guy: No. I always come alone. It's going to take me two or three hours to unload all this wood by myself.

Me: Okay.... (not seeing the issue here DELIVERY guy... that IS your job, dude! To DELIVER things).

Guy: I have other deliveries today. I just can't spend that much time at one delivery. The crate is like 4ft by 8ft by 4ft. Here, why don't you come see for yourself. There is a LOT of wood.

Me: (SO not impressed with the dimensions) There should be 1000 sq ft. It's supposed to cover the whole upstairs, so, yeah.... (what is this guy's problem?)

So, we go out to the truck and I look at the wood, which doesn't really shock me. It looked like a lot of wood that could very well be unloaded by one person or more, depending on how prepared said person chose to be. He then makes a phone call to the head honcho to see what he should do. A few minutes later we are back at the front door.

Guy: So, I'm not going to be able to deliver the wood today. I just don't have time. Call this number when your husband gets back and have him get three or four other guys here to help so it goes faster.

Me: Um, you only deliver Mon-Fri and my husband works.... (he's not getting it, so I delved further). He's a pilot and so are any guys he knows that could come help and they don't know their schedule until the night before, so I'm not seeing how this is going to work. Are you just going to leave the wood on the truck until then?

Guy: No, we'll unload it back at the dock. I use this truck every day and can't have all that wood taking up so much space.

Me: Wow, so the wood will be unloaded then loaded again only to be unloaded here so we have a "faster" time frame. (I was hoping that breaking it down for him would get him to see how STUPID this all sounds. It didn't)

Guy: And they don't want me to bring it all the way in the house. They said to unload it into the garage then you guys can move it up the stairs yourselves to let it acclimate.

Me: My husband is really not going to be happy about this. Was he told to be here when this was arranged on Monday??

Guy: I just called him and he didn't answer.

Me: (?!?! That does NOT answer my question) He's working. (Let's try this again) When this was arranged was he made aware that his help was needed?

Guy: There's always got to be someone to help. That is a lot of really heavy wood.

Me: (THIS GUY IS SO DIM IT'S CRAZY!!! THIS IS CRAZY! If there's always got to be someone to help then WHY DIDN'T YOU BRING THEM???) Alright, well, he's not going to like this and I'm not really sure how we're going to be able to arrange for four people to be here simultaneously on a work day to help you... ( help you do YOUR job DELIVERY GUY. YOUR JOB. That we're paying quite a bit of $$$ for you to do.)

Guy: Well, just call the 800 number to let us know when you've got it figured out. Have a nice day.

And with that, he was gone. Um, what just happened??? I'm kind of in shock at how little sense any of that made. It takes too much time to unload it here, so I'll unload it at the dock later, then reload it so I can unload it to a sub-par location for you to move to where I should have put it in the first place IF you can even get four people to help. I guess if we can't pull it together and get Dustin and company here one day really soon, Delivery guy gets to keep our floor? Why did we pay for delivery if we end up having to do the work ourselves on a day that isn't even convenient for us? Crazy talk, people. CRAZY TALK!!!!


  1. Call the complain. If you throw a big enough fit i bet they'll give you the delivery money back

  2. That's weird. If you paid for delivery, they need to deliver it to where you want it. You are the customer, and even if you're wrong, you're always right. Brad used to deliver roofing, and they had to deliver it to the roof of the house, not the garage or the front porch. And, throw a tantrum. I know it's not good for your toddler to do, but it will get you your way in the end, or your money back.

  3. Oh. My. Wow. There are no words.

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