Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pushing the Limits

And living on the edge. That's what Lawson is all about! At the edge of the kitchen, the tile stops and gives way to a plywood floor full of tools and stray nails that practically scream, "come get me, I'm dangerous" to a mini person with exploration on the brain. So, every day, I repeat "stay on the tile" and "get back on the tile"over and over until Lawson gives up and stays on the tile or becomes contained by the pack and play. Lawson is pushing every limit placed upon him to see how far he can take it. So, this may be a picture of a dirty, unfinished floor and some dirty little toes but it is also what my little man is made of. He is standing on the edge of something, hoping it's great, not knowing if it's dangerous or wonderful, but curious and dead-set on finding out all by himself.


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