Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Our Easter was pretty relaxed this year since Lawson and I are both still sick. However, that did not keep us from getting in on the festivities with an indoor Easter egg hunt and a basket from the Easter Bunny! Lawson started running after eggs quicker than I could get my camera in focus!

And we're off!!!

Getting the hang of this...

Found another!!!

Making progress

All his eggs in one basket bowl

He was quite happy about the cereal he found in the eggs!
(think cereal will work next year, too?! Yeah, thought not.)

He thought the little lion that came out of one of the eggs should also enjoy some cereal.

The Easter loot: Bee rain boots, crayons, a coloring pad and two Spring themed books!

The crayons have been the biggest hit so far.

He got to work on a masterpiece straight away!

I'm pretty sure it says "Happy Easter!!!"

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  1. We did chexmix in our eggs this year, lol! Beautiful pic Lawson! Hope you put it on the fridge! :)