Saturday, April 11, 2009

Snot Sucking

That's right. Snot sucking. I have been on a quest since Lawson was born to find the best apparatus for sucking the snot out of his nose when he is sick. My journey began with those horrible bulb syringes that cause lots of tears while yielding little to no results. I then stumbled upon the Nose Frida, which is basically a hose with a filter that goes from your mouth to the babies nose so you can quite literally suck out the snot. This worked wonderfully, but was a little high on the gross factor, even with the filter (Let me just be clear, though. NO snot EVER gets in your mouth or near it. It's more the idea that's gross). Finally, I recently found the Zo-Li Breathe. A mechanical snot sucking machine! We have had the unfortunate ability to test it out over the last few days and it works wonders! I'll spare you the details, but it is somewhat shocking and more than a little satisfying when you see what is no longer keeping your child from breathing well. Anyway, I'd recommend this to anyone with children to small to blow their nose well. Worth it's weight in gold. I'm guessing I'll love it even more for a nursing baby who needs to be able to breath to eat. Ah, motherhood. I'm blogging about snot...


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