Thursday, April 2, 2009

Get Buffed

With summer weather (hopefully) approaching soon, I'm all about a little preparation! I've busted out the gradual tanning lotion and found this awesome buffing cloth. I am a Dermalogica junky, but hadn't ever given this a go. It is wonderful! Surprisingly rough at first touch, it suds up your body wash so that a little goes a very long way. It buffs and polishes your skin with very little effort on your part. is a favorite of mine for buying skin products and make-up as they offer free QUICK shipping and 10% any item that you put on your "favorites" list. They are also giving away free year-long subscriptions to Allure magazine with any purchase of $12 or more right now (this qualifies, even after you get your 10% off for having it on your favorites list). For $10, you can have this and a subscription to Allure. Not too shabby!


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