Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Mullet No More

Baby hair is a funny thing! He started out with a little, which then fell out and grew back in a mo hawk pattern (like mine did when I was a baby) and then the hair on the sides and the back played catch-up and gave my sweet little man a bit of a mullet. I held out for a while, thinking that the mullet stage would give way to adorable, thick hair in a matter of time. It didn't. The mullet needed to be cut.

I set him down to watch Charlie and Lola, in hopes that he wouldn't notice all the action taking place on the back of his head. With a snip, we were off! No turning back at that point. I was hoping I wasn't about to do a major botch job on the top of his head, but could it really be worse than the mullet? Almost done, only the little bit around his ear to do and wouldn't you know, he whipped his head around and I snipped his ear!!! I felt so bad. He actually hardly noticed, but we were done with the scissors after that. It still needed some cleaning up, so I turned to clippers. What I now know is that clippers are faster, easier, safer and do a way better job! There are still a few spots that the scissors cut a little shorter, but it looks pretty good for a first cut and is a major upgrade from the mullet!

For comparison purposes, here is what we were dealing with to begin with:

The battle scars:

I'd say we look a little cuter at this point!


  1. Kimberly - You did an awesome job! I always take the kids in for their cuts and I keep on telling myself I should give it a try. Cuts happen...I know you felt terrible but it happens with the professionals too! I saw your previous post and the bouncer is looks great! As far as double strollers go, I highly recommend Peg Pergo. It's a side by side stroller (instead of the tandem kind). We got so much use out of ours - in fact we used it today for LONG walk. Happy searching!

  2. Thanks! The clippers are truly the way to go for little boys. You could just stick a long attachment on it for a longer cut!

    Thanks for the stroller recommendation. Those are great stroller! I looked very seriously at that one but have decided on one with pneumatic tires like I've gotten used to with my BOB Revolution.