Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Because Nothing Says Romance Like Tax Day

Four years ago tomorrow, on the very romantic day that taxes are due, I married my best friend. The time has flown, but it also feels like we've been married longer when I really think about it! In a good way, of course! It's hard to believe how much life we've lived in that short of time. Especially since he has been absent a lot of the time! Whether he is at home with us or far away, my love for him continues to grow deeper and more complex.

When I used to picture being married, I never would have imagined myself a military wife. I also would never have imagined myself as happy as I am. My husband is kind, loving, considerate, funny, really handy, an amazing father and he has a sweet ride. Two words. Ford Focus. Need I say more??? No seriously, I am one lucky girl. And I happen to think Lawson and Naomi totally scored in the daddy department. It seems only appropriate that we would become a family of four in our fourth year of marriage. Luckily, we get to wait until our fifth year together to live in our fourth home together.

I can't wait to have him back home with me. Having him back this summer with Lawson and our new little girl is a really happy thought! I wish he were here for our anniversary and his upcoming birthday, but being married to him is worth having to spend some of the special days in our life apart.

Dustin, Happy 4th Anniversary! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! And I "meese" you lots! KEESE, KEESE!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding pic is gorgeous!

  2. You looked amazing!! I never thought I'd be a military wife either and I know exactly what you mean about the whole being married to you is worth all the time away. Happy 4th anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary!
    Many blessings to you this year, and the years to come:)