Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Three Months

My little Quinni Mini has officially made it through "the fourth trimester."  That first three months are basically like a gestation period outside the womb.  Now, she's finally seeming like a real little person, which is really fun!  At three months Quincy weighs in at 12lbs10oz (60th percentile) and is 24.5" long (88th percentile).  This is a 6oz weight gain (though she dropped from the 87th to the 60th percentile) and a growth of one inch in length.  She's currently perfecting holding her head all the way up... those big cheeks have made it quite the effort!  She's standing up well and loves hanging out in the Johnny Jump Up. 

She's also loving her new play mat.  She'll lay there flapping her arms and legs around  and squealing at the hanging toys for long periods of time... which means I'm loving it too! 

The babbling has begun and I swear she's started saying HI. Several times now I've said "hi" then she looks right at me and says it back.  She's either brilliant or it's a coincidence.  I'm sure she's just a genius!  No rolling over or anything like that going on.  She's pretty content to sit and observe at this point.  Which, is a-okay by me!  She can take as long as she wants to mobilize!  She is trying to run up my stomach when I hold her now, which is kind of exhausting for me, but compared to Naomi, who was trying to run, jump, leap and do backflips when I held her, this is nothing!  For now she is just a happy little thing and is generally quite easy going, as long as her belly doesn't have a bubble giving her grief.  No complaints here... I think we'll keep her!

And just for fun, a little side-by-side line-up of the girls.  I didn't think they looked much a like, but I guess they sort of do!  In fact, Dustin had no idea who was who when I showed this to him.  He just looked really carefully for who had the extra cheeks!  He eventually got it right, but after much going back and forth.  haha



  1. I can tell the two apart. Naomi looks just like lawson. quincy doesn't quite. they look like sisters, but not like the same baby to me.