Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bike Parade

Nothing is quite as festive as a parade!  My friend and neighbor, Ashley, hosted the Parade and Popsicle party and the only thing that could have made it better was a cooler to sit in!  It was a sweaty, sweaty parade, but we had a great time!  Everyone brought things to decorate with, then we threw them on a table and went to work making our bikes look like symbols of freedom!

Everyone went to work taping things onto their bikes...

and before too long....

...the table started to look a little empty.

The finishing touches were being made

and the riders were getting ready to parade the neighborhood...

...looking cute as could be in their red, white and blue!

Naomi opted for a ride in her friend's wagon instead of riding her decked out tricycle.

The parade made it's way through the streets of "the hood"...

...past the houses and moving trucks (a regular site on the military base).

Some were pushed...

...some walked "all by themselves"

And others scooted!

When we finally made it back for the popsicle portion of the party, the heat had gotten to us all!

It was time to cool off!!!

We had a great time and partied until the sun was heading down and the moon was upon us!  

Thanks for planning such a fun event, Ashley!  This will surely become a tradition for us.  Maybe without the sweat next time, if we're at all lucky!


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  1. What fun!!!!! I love the pics, makes me wish we were there!!!!