Saturday, June 25, 2011

What I Love About Sick Days....

No one likes a Negative Nancy.  So I'm being Positive Polly... or whatever Nancy's happier counterpart is called.  After this brief rant. We've been sick for over a month straight around here.  Lawson kicked off the latest sickness with a bang gag at the beginning of the week.  I've been avoiding the eyes of death so far and have been dealing with an overall lack of wellness in the way of exhaustion, achiness, stuffiness and ears that feel like I just blasted into the stratosphere without being able to pop them.  This, combined with Lawson being sick and needy and Naomi potty training and needing to pee multiple times in the night has left me seriously in need of some quality shut-eye.  And also a little cranky, if I'm honest.

Friday found us saying goodbye to Dustin for the weekend as he flew off in his jet to Florida for the weekend on a cross country flight for "work."  So far his work has led him to bars and beaches.  Sounds like fun!  Good for him! I'm not bitter.  Our fun weekend started off just hours after he left.  Naomi woke up with pink, nasty eyes.  Thanks to being Friday afternoon and a "new patient" in the practice we just switched to, her doctor couldn't see her.  Urgent care on base also could not see her because they only see people who's doctors are on base.  Like hers was the week before.  Lame.  Lame.  And lame some more.  So, the ER was our only hope for getting antibiotics, which was also lame since it was very obviously not an emergency.  So, I go to load the double stroller in the car, which had been left out.  Apparently a lollipop was left in the console and it was covered in ants.  Oh.  Em.  GEEEEEEE!!!!!!  So, I go in the house, where Naomi has been screaming continuously for a half hour or so, to let the dog out to go potty and what happens?  He pees all over the floor.  Did I mention there was an insane amount of lameness going on?  Finally we head into the ER with Lawson contained in the single stroller, Naomi sitting on the footrest with blazing, goopy eyes and Quincy in the sling.  Literally every person I encountered there said the same thing.  "Wow.  You've got your hands full."  Yes.  Yes, I do.

Long story short - we went, we were loud, we got an Rx for antibiotics and we sat in the Walgreens parking lot forever to get it.  Four hours later we were home and the kids went straight to bed.  My turn for sleep!  ....just kidding.  Quincy started screaming and crying.  When she stopped, her eyes looked extra puffy.  Hmmm.  She fell asleep for a minute, then opened her eyes again.  Pink.  It was the beginning of a long night with little sleep (again).  There is now Amoxocillin on tap in our fridge and we are continuing our antisocial activity in the house for the next few days until we are no longer contagious.  It's miserable business.

BUT, the kids take great, long naps since they aren't feeling well.  Which means, I get a chance to snuggle up and take a nap with my little smoosh-face!  And that makes me very, very happy!  It's much easier to be a Positive Polly after a little one-on-one quiet time with Quincy!  And a little playtime!  And a little 10-second-timer photoshoot to document that I did, indeed, exist beyond taking pictures when she was a baby.

Okay, so there wasn't much about loving sick days, but I'm *trying* really hard!!  Sleepy, happy baby smiles are totally helping!



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