Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Make it a Double

Sometimes it's super fun to make it a double.  Other times, not so much.  Like when it's a double ear and double eye infection. Lawson had a slight fever and cough a couple days ago, but it seemed to have cleared up yesterday morning.  Then he woke up from nap with copious amounts of green sludge pouring from his eyes.  Gag.  Then came the puffiness and by nighttime, they were looking pink.  I was thinking pink-eye.  This morning, they were full on bloodshot, puffy and boogery.  A trip to the doctor revealed his actual plight.  A virus that attacks the eyes and ears.  He looks absolutely miserable.  It came on quickly, so I hope it exits that way.  And I hope no one else gets it because it is apparently a highly contagious virus.  Ugh.

This comes on the heels of a stomach virus that took each of us out one at a time, ending with Quincy, who's cough settled in her chest and left her gasping for air.  She spent 48 hours in the hospital last week and is only just now getting well enough that she no longer needs breathing treatments every day.

I'm ready for this influx of illness to leave us the heck alone now!  There are way cooler things we could be doing right now!  In the meantime, I may be making mine a double cause this is no bueno.

End of rant. 



  1. Poor thing!! How is it even your eye infection photos look like they were taken at a photo studio?????

  2. I am so sorry- hope quincy is feeling better. i know it is no fun with sick kiddos, especially at the hospital!

  3. These poor kiddos!!! Misery certainly found company this time around. I hope they all feel better soon!!!