Monday, March 28, 2011

Quincy, Your Nest is Ready!

I sleep with my babies.  I got a crib for Lawson (because "that's what you do!") that he didn't use until he was a year old because it turned out, I wanted him right next to me at night!  I slept with Naomi, too.  Actually, at that time, we were renovating the upstairs of our house in Washington, so she was in the bed with me and Lawson's toddler bed was right next to our bed, so it was "family bedroom" more than a "master bedroom."  I loved it!  Dustin was a good sport.  Now Naomi and Lawson share a bedroom across the hall and still wake me up quite a bit at night between teething and bad dreams.  My guess is that as much as I'm going to want to snuggle Quincy up close at night, she may have to reside next to me in her own little nest, to keep from being disturbed every time I have to get up with the other kids. 

I already had a soft little bassinet that I used with Naomi, but I didn't just want her plopped down on the floor by the bed.  So, Dustin built a simple, perfect little piece of furniture to make the bassinet into a co-sleeper.  I love it!  It currently has four wheels on the bottom, but I'm thinking of switching one side to regular feet and adding a handle, so it's more of a "cart."  Right now, the kids think it's fun to push the "train" around and I'm not a fan of that.  A baby cart seems cool, anyway!  Mobile when I need it to be, stationary to keep the kids from driving down the hall with their sleeping sister!  Either way, I love that it's handmade with love by dad!  There's room for lots of baby items down below in the shelves and baskets and I envision that it will re purpose as toy storage easily later on. 

Thanks for making our little girl such a great, cozy nest, Dustin!  It turned out perfect!  And Quincy, I think we are officially all ready for you.  Your bunny is waiting for you to join her in your bed.  If you don't mind, though, feel free to leave her waiting a little while longer.  I've got a massage and haircut on Saturday that I'd hate to miss, your Mima will be here in just a week and a half and I'd really like her to be there for your arrival... and then we're only three days away from the 10th and THAT would be the perfect day for you to come!  Deal? 

Without further ado, here's it is, complete with Naomi's stamp of approval!

As good as it fits down at the bottom of the bed, she'll be up at the head of the bed with me at night!  Easy access is key for night-feedings!


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