Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meridian Air Show 2011

Lawson and Naomi got to get up close to the T-45 that Dustin flies right now!

 Pretty soon the show started.

 The kids were riveted.

 Fat Albert never fails to impress

 Lawson had the best seat around!

 Naomi jumped up for a good view, too!

But she was happier on the ground.  Her shadow was almost as exciting as the airplanes.

He was all smiles... to start with.

As was she.

The Blue Angels were really "loud" 

And did lots of "coloring" in the sky!  Naomi really enjoyed that part.

Eventually, the excitement became too much.  A jet zoomed overhead right as he took his ear protectors off and he was done.

So, we took our exhausted kids and hit the road.  And now we get to watch the show over our house for the next two days.  : )



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