Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Month.... Or Less

36 Weeks.  One month to go.  The final countdown.  The homestretch.  The end.... or the beginning.  However you'd like to put it, it's just about time.  I never made it to 36 weeks with Lawson and Naomi came at 38 weeks on the dot.  I'm guessing we've got a few weeks left before our fifth, and, likely, final member of the family makes her debut!  Which leaves me feeling like I'm about to dive off the high dive.  Totally thrilled and a little freaked out! 

Because my water just broke on it's own with Naomi to kickstart labor, going out in public is getting a little nerve wracking.  I have towels and trash bags in my car due to the visions I'm having of my water breaking in the middle of the grocery store and hearing "clean up on isle seven" as I slosh my way out to my car, leaving some poor high school guy to clean up my amniotic fluid next to the chips.  Horrifying!  I'm actually feeling pretty good right now!  Looking back at my other two pregnancies, this is definitely the most comfortable I've been this far into it.  I've gained a good 10 or 15 lbs less so far this time, which probably has a lot to do with it!  I guess when you are cleaning and chasing toddlers all day long, you have a little less time for lounging and snacking!  My ring even fits on my finger still, which is also a first with only one month to go! 

I'm in preparation mode right now, which is slightly different from nesting.  I'm making lists, packing bags and over-preparing for the month of April.  We have our sixth anniversary on April 15th, Dustin's 30th birthday is on my due date, the 20th and Easter is right behind it!  I've got most of my Easter loot ready to go and gift ideas brewing.  Hopefully I will get that all finished before she arrives and leaves me sleep deprived and unable to pull myself together, let alone Easter or a birthday!  I have stockpiles of toilet paper, paper towels and creamy tomato soup because one day that seemed really important.  I even stocked up on toothpaste, dishwashing detergent and teething tablets, so clearly, I am ready for her arrival.  I may not understand the way my own mind works when I'm pregnant, but I will have clean teeth and dishes... and tomato soup for lunch.

The kids are getting really excited for Quincy to come out!  Lawson tells me often throughout the day, that Quincy is getting really big now and he's SO excited for her to come out.  My belly gets countless kisses and hugs and "I love you's" from him and Naomi every day.  Almost enough to rival the kicks my belly gets from Quincy!  I feel pretty lucky that they are so happy to be having another baby girl around and am just hoping that sentiment remains when she is no longer just a big, round belly that moves!  Time will tell!

For now, the camera batteries are charged, the bags are nearly packed and the toilet paper is bountiful at our house!  I'm still predicting April 10th will be the day, which leaves me exactly three weeks.  Or I could be wrong, and she could be here sooner..... later is not an option.  (You hear me Quincy????  Okay, good.)


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  1. Everything you'd done sounds exactly like what would make sense to my very pregnant brain. I approve! And I'm starting to get SOOOOO excited about QJ's arrival. I. Might. Explode.