Monday, February 7, 2011

Nesting on the "Cheep"

Yep.  Still nesting over here!  It's really only gotten worse.  I started out organizing everything in site.  Now that I've done that, I'm moving onto decorating and arranging.  I can't exactly go out and buy a bunch of new decor, so I'm digging through my own Goodwill pile and painting whatever I can get my hands on!  That's right.  I'm armed with Rustoleum and I am NOT afraid to use it.  It's about the cheapest fix I could think of since a can is only $5 or so and it makes a big difference!  Here's a look at some of my freshly painted old items.  These first items were all brown to start with and I am just not feeling brown right now.  I'm liking them all so much better now!  Excuse the empty picture frames.  I'm waiting on the photos to arrive in the mail.

This is the old BROWN ceramic jar that was handed down to us.  Dustin was using for our dog treats and it was residing on top of the fridge.  A few coats of primer and some hand painted acrylic over the top and the fridge just got a little greener and cuter.

These canvases were a Peir 1 purchase over 10 years ago and they have been hanging out in a box for the last several years.  They just weren't me anymore.  So I taped along the edges and sprayed on some black paint to cover up the old.  Then I printed out some words on photoshop, tediously cut out each letter, etched around them and painted within the lines to reveal the new.  The new brings lots of joy and happiness for me!

And lastly for today (Although there is more!  It's a sickness, I tell you.).  This is a crate repurposed as a wine rack that I bought super cheap at TJ Maxx with the idea of painting either black or white.  It's been hanging out inside of a closet waiting for it's reveal.  I finally decided on black, although I hadn't figured out where I was going to put it or what exactly to do with it since there's no wine drinking to speak of around here at the moment (sad face.).  In between coats of paint, it ended up sitting just inside the front door to finish drying.  Funny thing was, it worked awesome as a shoe rack!  And so became our crate repurposed as a wine rack repurposed as a shoe rack.  It just required a spray of sealer, a few coats of black paint, some roughing up with a sander and another coat of sealer.  All in a day's work!

I'm obviously out of control with my painting, so please use caution if you stop by our house.  You may leave a different color than you came!  More to come soon... just putting the finishing touches on a few things first.



  1. ooh love the shoe rack! I need one of those

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