Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Proof of Life

If all the pregnancy tests (who only takes one?), the trips to the toilet in the middle of the night, the mild nausea and the bloating weren't clear enough, we have proof of life.  A blob on the screen with a blinking heartbeat that I fell madly in love with right from the get go.  There really is nothing like that first moment of seeing your unborn child.  Weather they have arms and legs, or a giant yoke sak, it's the first viewing of this new life growing inside of you and it is so exciting!  Baby's first photo came home with me yesterday.  I like to start my children off early with getting their photo taken!

Our little almost six week old baby!  Lawson is sure it is a baby boy, as he "loves baby boys."  Naomi is sure the baby is my bellybutton.  I don't have a feeling one way or another, but most signs point to "boy" so far.  I'll let you know after the first trimester.  That's usually when the gut-feeling kicks in.  I was right with the first two, so we'll see!  In the mean time, we have an orb.  A lovely little orb that has stolen my heart!



  1. its a beautiful orb :) And a much better sounding name than "shrimp" which is what I called my 8 week u/s pic!

  2. Its such a precious little orb:) I wonder what this little babies nickname will be? Boy or girl auntie falynn will love them no matter what!!!

  3. Congrats on number three!!! Y'all should have a babies are so beautiful! :)

  4. your babies...not you babies, sometimes I can't type as fast as my mind thinks! :)