Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Art of Doing Nothing

There is nothing like having a little girl time!  I've been enjoying the company of my mom and my sister the last week or so.  My sister was about twice as big than the last time I saw her, which was exciting!  I got to feel her baby boy kick around in her belly for the first time, which is all kinds of wild!  It's her first baby and I'm on my last baby so this is the only time we'll ever be pregnant together.  Granted, I'm not big in the belly yet (unless bloating counts), but it is still neat to be "gestating together"!

We went to see "Eat. Pray. Love." and realized that we are all very practiced at the "art of doing nothing."  In fact, that was our motto the whole visit.  Our biggest adventure was driving to the beach two days in a row for some sunshine and relaxation!   Otherwise, it was a lot of lounging, talking, laughing, baby-registering and handing down old baby clothes.  You may be wondering what Dustin did with himself while three lazy women took over his house for several days.  If you must know, he finished a nearly 700 page auto-biography about Neil Armstrong.  That's how exciting we were!  We did manage to squeeze in a little Mexican Train (who named it that, btw?) and some Dicecapades, which is fantastic if you've never played.  The time flew by so quickly, as it always does, and I made sure to schedule in a mini photo session before we headed to the airport.  I couldn't let them leave without getting one good photo of us all together!

Okay, not really...

We also got a little Vogue with this one (please note that this is cropped.  I set my tripod up FAR away in the 100 degree weather and then I ran HARD to get in this shot before the 10 second timer clicked the shutter for me!  There may have been five or six takes.  And to the man watching from his garage across the street, I hope you found us entertaining.)

And finally, what's a good photo shoot without a dramatic "I didn't know that picture was being taken" candid at the edge of the water?

Thanks for coming down to Texas to visit, girls!  It was one to remember.  So much fun!  I'll be seeing you both in October while we wait for this little guy to join in on all the fun!!!!!



  1. I love the pictures!! You inspire me to use my timer! And I, too, am skilled at the art of "doing nothing" :) So glad you had fun!

  2. You ladies are lovely... I didn't realize Kelly is pregnant, how exciting! Any time I feel stressed out watching one little one by myself, I remember you watching (soon to be) 3 little ones by yourself. It's hard to be far from family....

  3. BWHA HA HA HA! The first photo is hilarious! And the rest are so pretty. :) Nice work. I had such a great time visiting, can't wait for you to be here next month!!