Wednesday, June 9, 2010

365 Days... a Celebration

Celebrating is all about the people you are celebrating with!  So, this year for Naomi's first birthday, we celebrated a couple of weeks early.  My mom was still in town after helping us move in, and we decided to throw a little party together before she left.  Better to celebrate early with family than on time without!  A quick trip to the HEB (grocery store in Texas, for those unfamiliar) for some balloons and a cake and we were on our way to a party.  After a little searching around the house and I found a spare shower curtain for a table cloth and a ball that matched our color theme perfectly and worked as a centerpiece.  I hung a few of the rice lanterns I got for our sun porch around the room and we had a pretty festive little table set up!

Naomi was not totally sure what to make of it all!

The balloons were a very hot commodity.

After taking it all in for a while, she decided it was lots of fun!

The birthday girl was pretty happy to sit next to her daddy.

After a delicious feast

(Some of which made it's way into Lawson's nostril)

It was time for cake.

The candle was pretty thrilling!

And with daddy's help, she blew out her first birthday candle.

The cake part was a definite hit!

I think she thought she was getting away with something.

The sign of a successful first birthday!

She got a kitty cat headband and tail, as well as her first set of pots and pans!

Even Lawson got in on the present action with a new smoothie cup and a set of tiger ears and a tail.

We saved the best for last and pretty soon, these cats found themselves cooking up some mean Southern food in Naomi's new kitchen!

The balloons, sadly, didn't last too long.

But, overall, I was a big fan of Naomi's first birthday party!  I managed to get a couple of pictures of my mom, but for her sake, I'm not posting those.  Somehow each time I tried to catch her, there was food in her mouth or a word being said and while I'm glad I have the photographic proof she was there, I'll spare her the world seeing them!  Mom, thanks for helping make Naomi's birthday so special.  It was really nice having you there to partake in the festivities!  I wish the rest of our family could have been there to celebrate, too, but I'll make sure and give her a big birthday hug from each of you!  That shouldn't be too hard....



  1. What a beautiful birthday for an incredible little lady!!! I'm so glad you captured it so that those of us that couldn't be there wouldn't miss out completely. I love the simple decorations and that birthday candle was awesome!!!!!!! Happy first 365 days on the outside Naomi May!!!!

  2. Waht a beautiful tribute to your little lady! She is adorable, that first year is so amazing! :) Congrats!