Monday, March 22, 2010

Texas Equinox


Spring is officially upon us and this is definitely the beginning of a new season in our lives.  Gone are the gloomy winter days with their chilly breezes.  The flowers are blooming, bare branches are reaching out with fresh leaves and the lawnmowers can be heard buzzing over nearly every cup of morning coffee now.  Appropriately, I find myself embarking on the first leg of our move tomorrow.  Yes, today is my Texas Equinox.  For every season (turn, turn, turn) there is the prep work that goes into creating the marked change that separates it from the one before.  This trip is that prep work.  Part of change is saying goodbye to what made the last season it's own.  We will say goodbye to this house, where we welcomed both of our beautiful children and this beautiful island with it's gorgeous views wherever you look.  In the very short term, I will say goodbye to Lawson and Dustin.

Lawson talks about Texas throughout the day.  He tells me how we're all going, including the cat.  I'm sad that this trip to Texas, he can't come along.  I just hope he understands.  I'm not good at saying goodbye.  Lawson, luckily, is really good at it!  Going bye-bye is probably his favorite thing in the world!  His excitement for the person he's saying bye-bye to far supersedes his sadness to see them go.  I hope that will apply to me this time!

So hello, spring!  My bare toes are happy to see you with your warm, basking sunlight.  And goodbye winter.  I'm sure after a few months of Texas heat, I'll be missing the hats and coats, but for now, I'm happy to see you go and the only thing I'll be missing is my little man! 

Making Tracks



  1. Came across your blog and I didn't just want to stalk so I am saying hello!! Love your "voice" in your writing! What an exciting adventure you have ahead!! Love your photography also!! :)

  2. gorgeous photos, as always! I'm looking forward to Spring, too (just not the allergies!)