Saturday, March 20, 2010

Texas Bound

Let the countdown begin.  We are exactly one month away from our move date.  And today I find myself just three days away from boarding a plane, baby in lap, and heading off to find us a new dwelling.  I'm not really nervous about the trip, but I am a little sad to be leaving Lawson behind.  He'll be staying here with his grandparents while I get down to business and have a hopefully successful house hunt.  I've never been away from Lawson for more than a couple of nights and even then it was because I had a human emerging from my body.  This feels almost like abandonment.  I am choosing not to take him.  Tickets don't come cheap and neither do hotel rooms.  This trip is a mortgage payment and, unfortunately, doesn't have the most toddler friendly mission.  I know he'll be in very capable and loving hands with these two, though:

Jim and Brenda

Jim and Brenda 2

And that helps a lot.  Hopefully the three page word document I penned for them, laying out his daily activities, where to find his favorite snack bowls and exactly where to position his rocket night light when he sleeps won't be taken as an insult.  It's really just tangible evidence that this is going to be so much harder on me than it will be on him.  Lawson loves his grandparent to pieces and is already anticipating cookies and playing at the park and going for walks!  He'll be spoiled by the time I get back after five days of being doted on by them!

So, here I go to Texas.  The mother who only recently graduated her toddler to his own room and still sleeps with both of our doors open just in case he needs me, will kiss his sweet little head goodbye for four nights.  With any luck, I'll actually enjoy bits and pieces of life with one child.  Realistically, my heart will be aching for my little man!  I know how to say goodbye to Dustin (and four days is nothing.).  Now I'll find out if I can say goodbye to Lawson. to add kleenex to me packing list.


  1. it's so much harder saying goodbye to your kid than your hubby! and 4 days from your hubby feels like nothing but a single day from your kid feels like an eternity.

  2. Oh I want to cry for you. Your right though you'll miss him more then he'll miss you. It's also good for kids in a way (of course you have to have someone that is able to take them) it helps them when you have to go no matter what. Conner is just spending the night with my mom tonight and Aaron and I wanted him home. I get it completely!

  3. We moved to Texas 2 yrs ago, 11 hrs away from all our family & friends, we love it here but really miss everyone. I actually started blogging just for them so they could see their grandson/newphew/cousin grow! Good luck and let me know if you ever need someone to vent to!


  4. You have an amazing ability to get beautiful portraits of people!

  5. Once again, amazing photos!!! We are in Texas,maybe we will be neighbors!! Then I can bug you to death on how you get such spectacular photos.