Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So, There Are These Two Little Kids...

...and every single day, they add a new trick to their bag. I can hardly keep up! Today, Naomi grabbed hold of my laundry basket and took off walking like a pro, even though she's never done that before. I almost choked. Well, after I grabbed my video camera. I had to catch the moment! It's the dress rehearsal to the opening night of "My Baby is Walking".  (try to ignore the blue painter's tape on the wall... I'm painting trim.)

And Lawson is practicing for American Idol!  I'd just gotten some new clothes in the mail and Lawson decided he needed to try on his jammies and Naomi needed to wear her swimsuit (which does not fit yet... obviously.  You'll see.).  He then proceeded to become a rockstar.  This may look vaguely familiar because I posted a picture of it here a few days ago.

I particularly enjoy the random "HAT!" and "All Aboard" sequence.  As well as the shock on Naomi's face at the beginning.

These two keep me on my toes, but it's a lot of fun!  A little loud at times, but fun nonetheless!



  1. LOVE the videos. Nice two piece Num Num.

  2. Aaron and I love the video. Super cute!!! The swimming suit is nice as well. Hopefully she'll get the butt to fill it out!

  3. The mirror is totally out! Jamesen just started walking with stuff like that a week ago!