Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When You're Little

When you're little , each note you play is filled with magic and each song that weaves itself around
twenty chubby fingers, is the most beautiful song your ears have ever heard.

Child's Play

When you're little, a one piece pajama jumpsuit and a fedora like daddy's makes you a rock star. The moves won't stop!  You are in the zone.

Lawson Banderas.

When you're little, a blanket has special powers. 

Texas Under a Blanket

"Where are we going?" I ask as a blanket is thrown over our heads.  "TESES!!!!" he says.  Apparently we took a yellow jet with spinning wheels and a train whistle that serves hot chocolate.  And when we got to Texas, it was all giggles.

When you are little, the world is anything but black and white.  The window to your imagination is wide open.  You are pure potential.  You are anywhere you want to be and anything your heart desires just because you say so.  It's such a fleeting time in our lives, yet I can remember clearly feeling like life was stretched before me in such a way that it would take forever just to reach the age of ten.  Adding "and a half" to any age was almost as big of deal as having a birthday.   You may not have an understanding of how everything works, but you think you do and that is good enough!  Why shouldn't burps live in our bellybuttons?  Close enough, I'd say!  Is it a plastic bolt or a guitar?  Well that depends on when you ask.

Am I his mommy, his biggest fan or his dance partner?  All of the above.  And I'd add lucky, lucky girl to have such a fun life with my little ones.  Oh, and speaking of dance partner... I defy you to listen to this song and not dance.
We crank this up several times a day around here (the whole cd is great), and stomp, shake and run around the house like the crazy people we are.  Even Naomi's starting to got some moves.

Lawson may only be "2 half", and he may not get everything going on around him, but he does a fine job of putting things in perspective for me.  He's just what I need each day to add some color to my sometimes black and white world.  Make that technicolor.  Maybe, when you're little, you actually "get it" a little more than you're given credit for.  Maybe when you're little, you've got it all figured out, and the as the concepts get clearer, your life gets more messy.  Actually, I just looked over and saw that Lawson has managed to turn a bowl of cheerios into an accessory, so maybe not "more" messy, just different messy.

Life is bowl of cheerios.  And love is a door.

Love is a Door

Dustin next to the door he hung and framed for me for Valentine's Day.  This door replaces a curtain that has been hanging in the doorway of our bathroom for almost three years.  Love is a door, people.  Love is a door.  Thank you, Dustin!



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