Wednesday, February 3, 2010


A beautiful evening was spent at the park next to our house yesterday. I set up a blanket for Naomi and Lawson took off running for the water, stick in hand. I snapped a few pictures of him, then noticed that Naomi was no longer on her blanket. She was in the sand, kicking her feet and tasting the sand. She seemed to like the flavor, much to Lawson's horror, which is funny since he always ate sand and still eats dirt if he thinks I'm not looking. Soon enough, Naomi looked up and noticed the water. She took off on a fast crawl, Lawson following behind with his stick trying to shoo her back to "safety." Even though Naomi was a good 30 or 40 feet from the water, he was screaming, "NO, NUM NUM!" over and over with a few of these thrown in: "BRRR!!!! WATER!!!! MOMMA!!!! BABY!!!" I was trying not to laugh at him, but it was quite funny. He wants to protect his little sister and I'm glad for that, but seriously, the girl is on a tighter leash than I thought!


  1. ahhh that's hilarious! so stinking adorable! what a great story to be able to tell them when they're older!

  2. This post especially makes me wish I was there -NOW. What a fun time and a sweet story.