Thursday, February 4, 2010

If I'm Not Home...


I know I just posted a picture of Cranberry Lake, but this photo took my breath away! Rarely does a picture convey the exact mood of moment, but this one managed to do it, stopped in the middle of the road, camera hanging out the window, trying to keep my foot on the break and get the lens over the rear-view mirror. I love it so much it will be hanging in our living room soon. This place has captured me lately! We've been there three times in the last week, including today.

Yep! We've BEEn gone quite a bit!

Butt, while at home, Lawson's been roaming around sans pants rocking his big boy "wear!" He wears them all day long and all night long. We do not do diapers for this boy at all anymore. We threw them out the second day of potty training and I haven't looked back! Very easy to do now that I've found Hannah Andersson Training Unders. We have a small accident or two each day, but that only sends him running to the potty yelling "PEE!!! POTTY!!!! WEAR!!! DOWN!!!!". He wants to use the potty and he wants his "M'" (M n M) for doing it. I, for one, am happy to oblige for the next few weeks as he gets really good at this big boy business. I may have to wash the sheets on his bed a couple times a week, but I'd say he's doing a very good job at this!

As for me, I've been getting crafty while at home. Not normal for me, but I am determined to get this house looking like half of what I pictured it would be before we move. First room to tackle: the big boy's room. He loves trains (duh.) so I did the word "train", as well as a silhouette of an engine in frames above his bed. I painted the unfinished frames myself and even fabricated the stencils, and cut and glued the letters as well as the train myself! GASP! Kind of a big deal for someone who doesn't normally get crafty. I also bought a circle canvas and did a rudimentary Railroad Crossing sign (imperfect on purpose) for the head of his crib. I am loving the pop of color on the wall that ties in with his bedding and rug!

I've got one more painting project going at the moment, but that will be revealed tomorrow or the next day once it's hanging on the wall. I'm hoping it turns out the way I envisioned!

Yes, we've been busy these last few days; nesting, beach combing and running around with no pants on (well, at least one of us has... 1. 2. 3. NOT IT!). I'm hoping we keep the momentum up because it's feeling mighty good! Almost as good as it's going to feel to go put another coat of paint on my canvas. Is getting crafty addictive? It feels like it could be. There are still so many of unexplored isles at Michael's....


  1. it is absolutely addictive! once you get a taste for what you're made of in the crafty department you start looking for things to do yourself instead of buy. with all of your pictures i'm surprised you haven't started scrap booking!

  2. I'm getting that feeling! I'm already plotting for the rest of the house! Next on the list is a driftwood shelf : ) As for scrapbooking, I just can't do it! I could digiscrap, but I couldn't handle all the papers and clippings all over the place. I make photo books with my pictures every so often. It feels organized and happy!

  3. I love the photo you captured. It will look great blown up in your house. And Lawson's room is looking so cute. I really like your artwork and I'll bet Lawson likes his room too! The floor looks great too Dustin!

  4. Haha! I hear you on that one! You could say that our ocd gets the best of us and turns us to other methods of unleashing our crafty creativity! Other than gifts I do pages of very special things, as for digiscraping I am a HUGE fan! Shutterfly is a blast to play with!! Driftwood shelf, eh? How wonderful!! I can't wait to see pics of that!