Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Little Pear

This is one "pear" of legs that are really enjoying scooting around with a box for a walker. I guess Num Num is done with the bruised knees thanks to crawling around on wood floors. She's moved on to bear crawling and assisted walking as her primary means of transportation. A-PEAR-antly, she's on a mission and is quite pleased with her progress! I, on the other hand, am a wee bit shocked. Seven months old and nearly walking is very different from the 12 months and nearly walking I experienced with Lawson. Naomi, it's cute and wonderful and I'm glad you are so strong, but seriously, feel free to slow. down. a lot. Seriously. Hit the brakes, girl. Please!

While we're on the subject of walkers, may I just say, both she and Lawson preferred using a box. There is an awesome car walker in the house for them, but nine times out of ten, they'd choose the box. I've gotten rid of nearly every large baby contraption in the house because I have been showed time and time again that they simply do not need them. No more big swing, no more travel swing, no more big bouncer and, perhaps, no big baby walker. I do have a new bouncer that I love. But, it can fold flat to be stored and, as a bonus, Lawson can still sit in it. So, parents, give your children boxes. They'll be happy campers and your wallets will thank you. Or, you can just use that money to buy them other things, like a cute pear shirt or cloth diapers, which we are officially back to using. Which, officially, makes me smile.