Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Was Hungry

It got awfully quiet around the corner were Lawson had just been playing and laughing with his toy truck. The only remaining noise was Naomi sighing her way to sleep in the carrier on my back and Jewel's lullaby album playing softly in the background. Well, I guess the sweet sounds brought out the sensitive side in Lawson because as I rounded the corner I found him sitting on the couch with the little doll I bought him while I was pregnant to teach him about babies. His shirt was pulled up to his armpits and the baby's face was pressed up to his skin just above his belly button.

Me: Lawson, what are you doing, sweetie?

L: Baby eat!

Me: Ooooh. How nice of you to feed her! (trying to hide the smile creeping across my face)

L: Yeah. Num Num eat.

He then switched sides, waited a few counts then snuggled her up to his cheek. With a kiss and a smile, he set her down in her basket and covered her with her tiny little blanket to go nigh nigh. It was a little disturbing to him that her eyes stayed open so he picked her up again to snuggle her. He looked at me and made his little humming sound like he does at night when he's ready for me to hum him Edelweiss (singing the words makes him cry for some reason. It always has). So there I was humming "baby Num Num" to sleep as Lawson tucked her into the basket to sleep and it hit me that this was one of those moments I would remember for a long, long time. There was something magical and touching going on and the soft look in his eye just about made me tear up.

My sweet, sweet Lawson. I love you to pieces. What lucky parents you have made your daddy and me. As I typed this story, you climbed up into my lap and covered me in kisses and hugs. Now, just minutes later, you are growling like a lion and pushing around your firetruck. You are a boy of many colors and I love them, every one.


  1. Such a sweet story Kim! I have many of those same types of moments that I know will always stay with me as well and I'm sure our kiddos will be greatful that these rather insignificant moments meant so much to us and they will hopefully appreciate hearing about them as adults. I hope to remember them long enough to tell their children about them!