Monday, December 7, 2009

Puj Tub

I just thought that all my pregnant peeps and baby mama's should be aware of the giant decrease in price (effective just now) on the Puj baby tub. We're talking a decrease of 60%. This thing is fantastic. I just ordered mine, but have been drooling over it since it's release when I was pregnant at a whopping price of $99. I was hoping to be a reviewer and receive one for free, but alas, was not chosen. So, while I haven't used it before, I'm very excited to be getting mine in the mail soon to use with Naomi for a little while and the next one or two down the road. Just passing on the news to those who may want to grab one for $40. They are only priced this way for a limited time and, of course, there are only so many to go around. I believe my work here is done.... Now head over and check them out!


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