Sunday, November 8, 2009


Heard from down the hall:

Lawson, did you poo poo? Should you tell Mama that you need a new diaper?

Yeah, poo poo.


...yes, I know.

No, you don't. It's coming out the bottom of his pant leg.

Um, what?

So, off I went to meet Lawson and Mima at the bathtub to take over this sure-to-be-stinky clean-up job. I started to pull his pants down and realized there was no diaper covering his buns. I patted down his legs and realized his diaper had gone completely missing and he had poop down in between his toes. Yuck. Actually, double yuck. So, where the heck was this diaper and how nasty was this going to get?! Thanks to the high powered shower head, I was able to power wash the poo right out from between his cheeks and his toes then scrub away all residual residue. Not that you care, but I was pretty thrilled not to scrub that off by hand.

I soon I found myself behind his little behind going on a diaper hunt, hoping he'd lead me to it's hiding place. We searched in the front coat closet, all the drawers and even under the pillows on the couch. No diaper. It was a major Poodini. It certainly isn't laying around with steaming poo smell or we'd have surely discovered it! It made me SO glad we've not had to deal with diapers being torn off and rubbed around all over the place. That would be a very...poopy... situation. For now, it's only elusive, dissapearing, Poodini diapers!


  1. I've had the poopy diapers smeared before... ugh. crazy that the diapers gone! that's so weurd~

  2. Too darn funny! I've caught up on everyones blogs today and it was so refreshing to read yours! It seems like all is going well and congrats on the photography business! You have an awesome talent girl!